Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another not-so-dramatic before and after

After my little vintage home goods hunting in Nashville on Saturday, I woke up at 7am Sunday morning bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to tackle painting the downstairs half bathroom. I must admit that the main reason I wanted to paint it was because I wanted my new prints to match.. how twisted it that?!? BUT.. I had been wanting to paint it anyways because it's so dark and scary in there. Who wants to use the bathroom in a dungeon!? I will say... these before and after photos just don't do it justice... it really doesn't look that different in the pictures, but I promsie it is!

Here is the scary Before. Gross.... I'm scared.

Here is the lighter and brighter and more exciting and fun after shot.

I told you the pictures didn't do it justice. Just trust me..

But the most exciting part is the new prints from Your Home Enhanced. They are printed on dictionary paper. We got the prints alone and I framed them with some cool, already matted frames from Michaels. (On clearance and with a coupon, they were only $5 a pop!!)

It was a fun and inexpensive project!

Leftover paint : FREE
Prints: $15.00
Frames; $10
Excruciating hours of labor: $80,000,000

Total price (in real dollars) : $ 25.00 Not bad, huh?

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