Monday, March 26, 2012

Vintage Deal Hunting

This Saturday was near perfect! We made our way to the shops in Berry Hill. These shops are all inside of old homes. The homes are super cute and the stores contents are even better! The first one we ran across was "Your Home Enhanced." It was a super cute shop with vintage and shabby chic home goods. I absolutely loved this store and could have spent a fortune, but instead decided to settle for two prints. These prints are printed on dictionary paper and super cool! For $7 a pop, you can't beat it! I framed them and put them in the new half bath downstairs (post on that coming up later tonight- including pictures of the framed prints.)

This morning when I woke up, I had a ScoutMob email saying this store is 50% but for a maximum purchase of $50.00 Pretty sweet, huh? Check it out HERE. 

Next, we went to a cute gift shop called "Curious Hearts." Trust me, a person could  get lost in here! They had such neat and unique gifts and home items. I loved it! Fun and quirky!

The next store completely stole my heart... "Gilchrist." Everything seemed to be white-washed, which is like my cocain. The lady was super sweet and complimentary. I even bought these super awesome sunglasses. Okay, I got suckered a little bit because she was so nice it made me want to buy them. However, I was actually looking for some sunglasses anyways, so I think it's win-win. I'm an easy sell... what can I say?!

We ended the night with a great dinner at RosePepper Cantina and ice cream at Pied Piper. I'm an East Nashville lover... don't hate.
(See awesome sunglasses below..)

What a perfect Saturday. It even inspired me to wake up at 7am Sunday and paint the half bath... I know... I'm crazy. Get excited for the post on that, including pictures of the prints from Your Home Enhanced! :)

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