Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The other day I was "sharking" my floors..Come on, you know what that is! :) Anyways, as I was cleaning, I was just thinking and this song started to play on my Pandora station.  This song was played at Erin's wedding rehearsal a month or two ago and I totally loved it, but failed to remember the name of the song or artist. As I listened to it this time I started to listen to the words. It's so true to life. We all love to paint this pretty picture as if our lives are perfect. We all drive perfect cars, live in perfect houses, have perfect relationships and amazing jobs that are incredibly fulfilling and make us so incredibly wealthy. We never make mistakes. Things are always perfect. Right?? Well, I don't know about you folks, but my life is FAR from perfect. In fact, there is nothing perfect about my life but one thing...the perfect love, grace, forgiveness and mercy I receive for this imperfect life I lead. Which leads me to the honest point of this whole post. Forgive. People are crazy, imperfect and sinful people. Forgive them anyways. They will lie to you, steal from you, gossip about you and hurt you in more ways than you ever thought possible. Forgive them anyways. Even if it's something as tiny as the Gap cashier who won't return your dress because you bought it at the outlet store (true store... I may still be a little bitter...jk ;) Even if it's something as large as a betrayal from a friend or companion. Don't let it steal your precious energy. After all, we're only human.

If you have a couple of minutes to listen to this song.. I'm sure you will love it.
Forgive and Love these imperfect lives we all lead. ;)


  1. :) This makes me happy. Love this, and love you Anna.

  2. Sometimes it's scary how we think alike. I posted a blog on the National Stroke Associations Careliving Community about this very subject. I'm going to post a lInk to your blog for those readers. They could use a little music and maybe some spirit of forgiveness, too.

  3. perfect song and perfect post, sweet girl