Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sweet Moments

I have contemplated writing this post for a while. I don't know.. It is sort of personal, but such a special moment to me.

Most of you know my Dad and his situation. I have posted a few times and I'm sure some of you even follow my Stepmom's Blog. (If you don't, click the link and check it out. You will love it.)

Last Monday I had the day off and went up to visit with my dad. I just showed up and took him for a ride around town in my car. We made a few visits and ended up back at the house for a water break. As soon as we walked in the door Dad was motioning me over to his chair. I noticed on the floor there were pieces of paper where he had been practicing writing words like "Corvette", "Nova" and "Chevelle". He also had a clip board where he had a list of about five cars and their years written beside them. He handed me the clip board and a pen and started to get out magazines where he had marked certain pages. Immediately upon seeing the list, I knew it was a list of his old cars.

(He looooves old cars, Growing up he always had an old car or two. 1967 Red Corvette, Nova, Chevelle... you name it...and he loved them so dearly. I can even remember when I was about seven years he had an old red Nova that he was fixing up. It sure was sharp. At one point he didn't have the seats in the car yet and we rode around town sitting on 5 gallon buckets turned upside down with a towl on top- for cushion, of course.)

Anyways, Dad began to open these pages that he had carfully marked. He would open each marked page and point to a certain car. Then he would point to the corresponding listed car on the clip board that he had written so patiently. It took a minute or two, but I finally figured out that he was wanting me to write the colors of the cars underneath the listing. As soon as I said, "You want me to write 'red'?!?", his eyes lit up, a smile covered  his face and he gave me a huge hug! (Dad has always been a hugger.) Communication has always been a huge source of frustration for all of us over the years. Breaking this barrier and understanding was huge- and so exciting for both of us.

After completing our list, we got some water and sat on the back porch for a while. You could tell Dad was so proud and excited about his "list". His whole demeanor was more positive than usual. Such a sweet moment that brightens my day everytime I recall the details.

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  1. That is so sweet Anna it brought tears to my eyes