Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weird, but cute? Maybe?

As most of you know, my house is currently on the market for sale! Yay. (Finally finished all the projects and have it how I want it right when it's time to sell...perfect, right?) Upon listing it, I thought, "I would love to have a camera in the house and see what potential buyers had to say." Then I realized that was probably not a good idea... I get my feelings hurt easily and I can just imagine them saying...."wow...this girl decorates reeeeeeally weird.." In an effort to save face, I nixed the camera idea.

I realize my decorating sense is strange, but I like to embrace it and love it! It's those moments when I put something together and get the warm fuzzies inside (and make high pitched screeching noises from excitement) that I love to so much. Then I step away and realize how strange it is. Oh well.. That's what decorating is all about.. building the house that YOU love- that makes YOU feel good and excited to be around.

In an effort to embrace my weirdness, I snapped a few photos ;)

Weird, but cute? Maybe?

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