Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Don't Fret My Pet

I heard someone say the other day that 90% of our fears never come to furition. I wish I could live by this in my everyday life. I think it's so easy for our minds to form a pre-conceived notion that something is going to be difficult of stressful. When we hear of a life situation or scenario, it's so easy for us to automatically think that it's going to be "difficult" or "tough" or "stressful." The truth of the matter is that things are what we make them. If you think in your mind that something is going to be stressful... it will be. If you think in your mind that a scenario or situation in life is going to be hard on you mentally, physically or emotionally... you're exactly right.. it will be.

 The trick to it is never thinking the worst, but always thinking the best. Personally, when I see my schedule filling up with lots of appintments, I immediately started to get stressed and think to myself "This or that is going to go wrong because I will be so busy I will miss something or be late for an appointment which will lead to a domino effect of maddness!!!?!?!"

That's ridiculous.

The funny thing is... after each of these "stressful" times... I always look back and say... that wasn't bad at all. Actually, I am thankful for them because it gives me an opportunity to stretch myself, learn and grow.

So, the moral of the story comes from the 'oh so smart' Steve Urkel. If you are too young or old to fit in the generation that watched Family Matters.... google it... your life is not complete without it. ;) Steve used to always say to Laura, "Don't fret, my pet." I love it. So true. (And he was quite hunky when he was 'Stephan".)

So... forget about your worries or concerns... it is what you make it and 90% of our fears never come to furition. Relax and enjoy this crazy roller coaster people call 'life'. ;)

P.S. When I was a kid I used to be in the "Family Matters Fan Club." Somehow I conned Dad into buying me this "Teen Bop" magazine and it had a list of addresses where you could write into shows and ask them to let you join their fan club. They even sent me an autographed photo of all the cast. I totally still have it too....

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