Monday, November 5, 2012


( Two blog posts in one day?? Whaaa? Face it, people, I am feast or famine ;)

I get an (in)Courage email from their blog every morning. I will admit, I am bombarded with emails every day, so 99 % of the time, their email gets deleted. No hard feelings, right? :) Anyways, something in the tag line caught my eye this morning, so I opened it and began to read it. Here is the email:

Hey, You…
The one wondering if it’s safe to dream anymore.
The one who has to swat discouragement away like a pesky fly.
I know those feelings too.
Can I lean in and whisper this hard truth?
The riskiest thing is not to dream.
The only way to avoiding making mistakes is not to do anything–
and that’s the biggest mistake of all.
The only way to avoid being hurt is to never love–
and being alone in that way is the deepest wound a heart can have.
The things that help us feel safe are the same ones that can put us at greatest risk.
You are braver, stronger, more capable than you know.
And the God you serve is bigger than you’ve yet experienced.
Dream, girl.
Dream today. Dream tomorrow.
Dream until the day you die.
And then discover that you’ve done what mattered most–you’ve really lived.
–Holley Gerth, (in)courage cofounder and best-selling author of You’re Already Amazing

This is such an encouraging post to me. It is so easy to forget about your dreams. I feel like I used to live with such ambition and drempt for the future... but somewhere along the line life happened. Things got busy.. work got hectic. Family and friends started to have babies, get married ...Things just got busy. It became very convenient and easy to forget about goals, ambitions and dreams. It became very easy to forget what I wanted out of life and what I was doing to get myself there. I am making a conscious shift to focus on this. It's so very important. It gives us encouragement and reason to rise each day.. it keeps us going.. small challenges will always come in the way, but its so important to keep that focus in sight. 

Two Important Questions I will ask myself each morning:

What is your intended goal?
What are you going to do today to push yourself towards that goal?

It is SO EASY to lose your dreams... but it is never too late to find them again and push in their direction.

I encourage you to do that. No matter what your lot in life. Dream.

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