Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Today I decided to accept some cold hard facts about myself that I have been trying to change, but just can't seem to.

1. I love to eat. I don't do diets... they don't work, nor have they ever worked for me. I can work out with the best of em' but I have a sincere passion for food. In the words of my dear friend Erin, I "always have been a heavy eater." 

2. I love books. Not to be confused with "reading"- which I sometimes do love and sometimes do not. I love self-help/inspirational books. Even if I don't read them, somehow looking over and seeing their covers on the coffee tables makes me happy. 

3. I love to travel. I remember my granddad saying one time that when I grew up maybe I would "settle down and not travel so much". As sick as it sounds... The adventure of new places, airports, planes, road trips no matter how big or small...makes me happier than anything else. 

You can't change what's hard-coded into you. Just face it and embrace it. 

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