Saturday, November 17, 2012

You never know.

Sometimes you find cool stuff in the places that you least expected. Today there was a local auction that seemed to be a cool house near my old college campus and let's face it... I'm an auction girl.

Surprisingly there were several cool items at this auction, two of which were snatched up and will now be adorning the Rowland residence with pride.

I have always adored old fans. The style of them is just so simple and neat. Let's be honest- fans these days look trashy. Old fans were so sleek looking. Unfortunately, they are not easy to come by, especially at a reasonable price. That was certainly not the case today at the auction.
Snatched this bad boy for one Abraham Lincoln. (No, not Abraham Lincoln the Cat...Abraham Lincoln as in the $5 bill. Don't worry, Abe) ( And yes, I had to google "who is on the $5 bill.)

Not to mention this cedar chest that has been distressed and painted sometime wayyyyy back when. This is a legit piece of shabby chic furniture. And I was totally diggin' it. For a measly $17.50.... of course I snatched it.

You can never have enough pretty stuff in your house, right?

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