Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Awesome Things

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. So, needless to say, I am the Vacation Bible School song champ... I could start ranting of some right now, but I'll save you the embarassment. One of the songs we used to sing/chant was called "Count Your Blessings." The idea of this song was to encourage people to always be aware of their blessings and it will make your worries disappear.

As I have gotten older I have discovered that this really is so important. I recently picked up a cheap book at TJMaxx called "The Book of Awesome." That was $3.99 very well spent.  I just started reading it last night and have giggled all night long because it is just so clever.

The book started from this website:  Basically, the writer was a nine-to-fiver who needed a way to escape from the monogomy of work. He started writing on this blog/website that he created called "1,000 awesome things." People began sending in suggestions and before you know it, he has written a book and launched a movement of the old school "count your blessings" mantra.

Check this one out:

#885 Paying for something with exact change

get-rid-of-itFeel this pain: You’re a cashier in a busy store at holiday season.
Now, say you’re good at your job and you’ve been there a while. You’ve long memorized the produce codes and you bag like a champion. You’re keeping up with the traffic, whipping customer after customer through the till in no time flat. You’re rocking the credit cards, you’re rocking the debit cards, and your line is the most sought-after line at the store.
Yes, it seems like nothing can stop you. You are Cashatron, a top-secret, beta-version prototype of the world’s most highly efficient cashier.
And if you’ve been there before, if you’ve ever cashed and cashed hard, if you’ve lived the cash life and have the varicose veins to prove it, then you know what I’m talking about. And you also know the one thing that can trip you up. Yes, you know the stick in the bike spokes for a veteran cashier is simply …
… running out of change.
empty-those-pockets1It happens all of a sudden, too. One moment you’re whipping through the line and then suddenly you stare up at a customer and apologize profusely as you awkwardly dump two handfuls of sweaty coins into their hands. You look back at the long line and just hope somebody else opens up a lane while you wait for change to arrive. It’s a terrible feeling. And it makes us ol’ cashing veterans shudderjust thinking about it.
And that’s why it’s so great for cashiers when someone pays with exact change. And as an added bonus, customers get to empty their pockets and lighten their loads. Yes, it’s a win-win situation.
Plus, there’s a Bonus Round, too! That’s when you pay for something with exact change … with every single coin you have in your pocket. I’m talking about when you have seven coins in your pocket that add up to 74 cents and the bill comes to $5.74. Nope, no breaking a ten for you, because you just won the bonus round jackpot.
Now, this bonus round is pretty rare, but a big hit for everybody whenever it happens. How excited are you when you realize you pulled it off? For a moment it’s sort of like you beat the currency system. No more change for you, Changeless Wonder! Now you’re all bills, all the time, just rocking the sidewalk with those light, empty pockets.
And how does that make you feel?

Isn' it funny how the simplest things can make you so excited?

When you are ever in a slump and need a good pick me up... try his website! :)

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