Thursday, December 13, 2012

Something about the feeling.

I love coffee. And I love oatmeal. Both of these items I can get for free at my home or work, but for some reason I get these urges in the pit of my stomach to go to Starbucks and buy them instead. I can suddenly taste the oatmeal and I get the happy fuzzies in my stomach just thinking about those walnuts and raisins with a slight drizzle of melted brown sugar. So, early this morning I drug myself out of bed in my jogging gear, grabbed my Mac and headed down to Starbucks. Here I sit, taking in the smells, people watching and sipping my tall dark roast coffee. So, what is it about actually going to Starbucks or another coffee shop that does it for me? The coffee at work is just as good. My oatmeal could be just as good at home if I were to simply buy some walnuts and raisins to put in it. There is just something about the feeling... something about the atmosphere and the mystery of being there that makes the moment special.  At this point I'm sure Dave Ramsey would say something like, " If you took that $4.68 that you spend at Starbucks three times a week and invested it in a mutual fund, when you are 66, you will have 88 gazillion dollars and you could put it in a high yield account for your grandchildren." Guess what, Dave? I don't want my bratty grandkids to be trust fund babies while I labor away working 70 hours a week and depriving myself of such amazing delicacies as Starbucks. I want to leave this world with a zero balance. Instead,  I want to leave behind a legacy for those who knew me... a legacy that life is truly so short and we should take the time to enjoy the little things in life each and every day.

This post is a bit of a ramble.... I blame it on very little sleep.... or maybe too much coffee too early in the day... either way.

So, as I sit here and people watch, I find myself wondering what all these fine people do with themselves. What brings them to Starbucks on a cold Thursday morning in December. Are they here to get away from a house full of screaming babies? Are they here to escape a busy and hectic office and get a little bit of relaxation in before beginning their day? Or are they here like me.... wasting away some time while a potential buyer is looking at my house? (Fingers crossed on this one, friends.)

I just saw a guy I knew as a teen. He was one of our youth leaders at church for a very short time. I could have/should have said "Hello," but considering I have on no makeup I decided against that.

There's a guy beside me that could potentially be choking on his own flem. Maybe he has a cold. Maybe he is working on some prank show to see if anyone calls him out on it. Either way... its really disgusting. If I had on some makeup I would probably say something about it and hope that it all showed up on "Punked" later.

Now, could you find all of these delightful happening in the comfort of your own home? No.

There is just something about the feeling that a coffee shop evokes.

Happy sipping, friends.

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