Monday, January 14, 2013

The Next Step

We live in this world where everyone is always under pressure to take "The next Step."
If you are graduating highschool, everyone wants to know where you are going to college.
If you are graduating college, everyone wants to know where you are going to get a job.
If you are in any of these ages and have a boyfriend, people want to know when you are getting married.
If you are married (even if only for a day) everyone wants to know when you are having kids.

It's very exhausting.

Why does our society always want to know what's next? Maybe it's just a conversation starter. Maybe they are just being nosey or fishing for some sort of information. Either way, it can sometimes be a very sensitive subject.

I have been in every one of these situations in my life thus far. Some stressed me out more than others, but most of the time I wanted to turn the tables and say, "Well, when are YOU going to get married and have a baby?!?!?!? Where are YOU going to get a job?!?!"

There is a popular song on the radio right now by Kacey Musgraves that says, "If you ain't got two kids by 21, you're probably gonna die alone." Maybe I am crazy, but there have been times in my life when I have felt like people were screaming this in my face. Okay, maybe I am a little paranoid.

Anyways, I recently spent my dirty santa gift of a gift card to Barnes and Noble on a cute book called "God Never Blinks". This book gives little tokens and short stories about life lessons. We all know I'm clearly into self help/insight books, so this was right up my alley. As the new year approached me I was really feeling the pressure of this "what's the next step" thing. It just so happened that when I opened up the book, Lesson No 2 was called "When in doubt, just take the next right step."

Some of the time we don't always know what the "next" step is. It is so easy to find ourselves "what the heck am I going to do now?!?!"


We don't have to know what our "next" step is. Just take the next "right" step. The future can be very overwhelming sometimes.  Maybe we don't know what the next big step in our lives is but we can make smaller steps that we are more certain about that will lead us to wherever we are meant to go. It has always stressed me out when people ask me "So, what's your big picture with your business?" I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Does that mean my business won't succeed? Does that mean that I don't have a bright future ahead? Absolutely not. Maybe I don't what the big next step is, but when small opportunities present themselves,  I feel like I can successfully make a decision to do or not to do whatever that is. And if I focus my energies on those decisions, I can usually make the right one.

I hope that one day we will all know that big picture and that big step that's coming up, but thats simply not always the case. Actually, I have found in my personal life that when I "plan" my next steps, I don't always work from my heart, but instead from my "plan". Sometimes it is necessary to veer from our "plan" and work solely from our hearts. Plans change. Circumstances change.

This year I want to go with the flow and instead of worrying myself to death about the next big step, I want to be present in every little step along the way and just try to make the next "right" step. I urge you to do the same. Don't stress yourself out about not knowing your 50 year plan. Chances are it will drastically change anyways ;)

xoxoxo <3

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