Monday, January 14, 2013

Bachelor Babble.

I love reading April Kennedy's blog when she does a rant about the Bachelor, so I thought I would do my own. ( In hopes that everyone will still read my blog after this ridiculous rant on nonsense.) Eat your heart out, friends. 

Tierra looks like Gretchen Wilson and every time I see her I wanna bust out singing "I'm a redneck woman, I ain't no high class broad."

Im so glad he picks Sarah for the first date. She looks like she might cry. How many of those girls are peeing on her tooth brush while she's gone?

Like that yellow chevron blanket, Sean. And those muscles.

Sarah, I'd punch those zip line people in the face.

Random thought, but what if you went on Bachelor and the guy was Jake Pavalka(sp?). I'd be so ticked off.

I was rooting for you, Sarah, but "falling in love"? Really? You've known him lie ten minutes.

Kristy. Dang. He might possibly rip her clothes off on screen. Somebody calm them down.

Thank goodness some of them are drinking water.

If someone asked me why I was on the bachelor I'd be like "for the free clothes and traveling, duh."

Sometimes I wonder if these job titles are real.

Kacie B has chicken legs. They're kind of good looking, but then kind of not.

What kind of a vegan joke was that? not ok

Katie, did you have to get in a time machine to get that 1980s perm?

EVERY girl on EVERY seasons says "Its so hard to see you with the other girls." Why did you try out for the bachelor?

Desirees bangs are cute.

Katie, please go home. I can't look at that poodle on your head anymore. Seriously.

I love Seans little pranks. "She's so sweet. I am a bad person" She's cute though. A little too much love and marriage talk for the first date.

Lindsey is kind of cool when she's not drunk and in a wedding dress.

Staying: Ashley. Good Choice. Lindsay. okay. Robyn. whatev. Jackie. Shes cute. Leslie M. YES. Selma. Very pretty. Kathryn. Shes cute. Kristy. Stripper-ish, but pretty. Leslie H. Fun. Tierra. Aint no high class broad. okay. Amanda. WTF. Murderer.

Going: Brooke. glad shes going home. That was awekward. Diana. NOOOOOOO I loved her.

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