Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Work in Progress.

It's so easy to let the "ins and outs" of everyday life get the best of us. This is a constant struggle for me. I am always "majoring in the minors", as my dear friend, Michael Burt would say. It's really pathetic actually... I can find myself on the brink of tears over some jerk at work that looked at me wrong or didn't like the way I did something. I can stress myself out over a file not closing on time. I can make myself get a headache because I had too much going on and couldn't make it to an event. But guess what? None of that matters.

This past week was an eye opener in my life for many reasons. A lady from my home town died suddenly and another friend of mine lost her husband suddenly. Waking up one morning with your world in balance and you think everything is going great and then out of nowhere you lose someone you love. It could truly happen to any of us at any time. I can not imagine going to sleep one night and waking up to that dreadful nightmare. When events like this happen, its natural for anyone to take a small evaluation of their own lives and what really matters.

It's hard for me to leave things undone. I don't like limbo. I don't like when things are ary. Guess what? If there is unwashed laundry in my hamper... it's not going to grow legs in the night and come to strangle me. It's not going to magically set fire and burn all of my belongings to the ground. If I leave the office with something that needs to be done, it will be there tomorrow. If my car doesn't get washed this week... the engine is not going to fall out.

 In this learning and growing process that we call "life", its okay to give ourselves permission to be in progress. It's okay if we don't have everything aligned perfectly right now. It's okay if we don't have all of the answers. It's okay if there is still work to be done.... in our homes... in our relationships... in our careers... and in our emotional and spiritual lives. We aren't there yet. And that is quite alright.

I want to encourage you, but mostly myself, to Enjoy the process of these work in progress lives we lead.

Love yourself. 
Be a friend.
Enjoy the little things. 
Here are a few little things that make my life special.

Sweet Baby Madden. (Who is a whopping five months old now!!)

 Fun and funky meals with people you love.

Fun times with sweet family.

Small accents in my home that make me smile :)

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