Monday, July 15, 2013


It's funny how certain people in our lives can do and say certain things that we will never forget.
My mom has a friend named Diane who used to randomly bring her small gifts that she called "happies." (If you google what "happies" are, you will find that they are also known as "tender fit baby diapers"- just FYI.) These gifts are small, inexpensive personal items that you see and they make you happy. Every since she started this trend with my mom, I have followed suit.

There is a cute store on the square in my town that is pretty much like "Pinterest" in a store. (This store is called "Simply Southern." )It has tons of consigned handmade items by local artists. I love going into this local store and buying small items that add a special touch to my decor. When I saw this small, hand-painted canvas, I knew I had to buy it. The artist never makes two of the same painting. It's simple and personal and I love it. This is my most recent "happy."

Temporary home in my house:
(living room side table)

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