Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I have been toying back and forth with the concept of a burlap wall in the dining room area. I thought it would be cool and different... something to bring attention to the big area in the dining room and even bring some height to the room.

As you probably read on a previous post, I was wanting to express my love and affection for burlap through changing out the dining room light. UNTIL.... I laid eyes on these burlap sacks. My mind immediately wandered into thinking what it could look like if the whole wall was covered in these bad boys. At $25 a pop, I decided this could get a little pricy.. I would probably need about 10 sacks and in the event that it didn't turn out as desired, I hated to have $250 invested in old burlap sacks. Then it happened... I was in a coffee shop one day and saw burlap sacks for $2. I thought that surely it had to be a misprint and they were really $20. I asked the young lady at the counter and she confirmed the price. She said they actually get their coffee shipped to them in the bags and sell them that cheap just to get rid of them. Can you say "jackpot"? I got one in every print.

Now, I would potentially like to add more and cover the entire wall, leaving no wall visible, but it is a work in progress. For now, I am loving this fun wall.

So, whatcha think?

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