Saturday, September 7, 2013

Small Changes With Big Impact

Lazy Saturdays get me antsy. When I get antsy I start decorating...

One thing that has always been important to me in my home is making it feel "homie." (Rollin' with the homies.. thanks 'Clueless') I don't want anyone to ever walk into my house and think that it looks like everyone elses'. I want it to be special. I want it to be something that people remember and recall.

A few months ago, I replaced the bedroom light/fan for the Ikea pendant light. I had to sacrifice a fan (I'm a hot sleeper) and sacrifice a little bit of light to have this new light, but it was totally worth it.

Remember this?
Well,  I am thinking of making a similar change in the dining area as well. The light that is currently in the dining area is a plain jane builder grade light. This morning I was at World Market and found this little gem for $58.
This burlap trio actually looks even better in person. Im thinking it would be a fun quirky and cheap way to spunk up the living room. (Did i just say "fun", "quirky" AND "spunky" in one sentence. Yikes.)

But, being raised on "Gid"-enomics makes me wait to purchase it... I'm waiting until my monthly world market coupon comes in so I can pay evvvvven less for it. Winning. More pictures to come after installation.

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