Friday, December 20, 2013

Ba Humbug.

This Christmas season has really snuck up on me. Not that it doesn't sort of sneak up on me every year, but this year seems to be even more sneaky. Because I have a crazy cat who loves to climb and attack the Christmas tree I have to place it in a special place to avoid said attack. However, with the move to the new house in February, this place doesn't necessarily have the perfect place where I can put a tree and protect it from Abe. I suppose I could have been creative and figured something out, but I just didn't have the time to. So.. I decided to be strategic with my light, cat-friendly, impromptu Christmas decorations. Like....
I know.. I am a scrooge... Trust me, this is not the only attempt at Chirstmas d├ęcor. There are actually a few more undocumented attempts as well. Along with plenty of Christmas smelling candles to spread the good cheer. Christmas is in your heart, right? That's what Andy Williams says...
In an attempt to make up for my failure at Christmas decorating, I at least did some other fun non-Christmas decorating.. That counts for something..
The artichoke is back... and he's not leaving this time.
I found this fun mirror in the closet upstairs and thought it would add a little spunk to the downstairs half bath.

And in case you can't tell... there are Christmas themed scent blocks in my plug in warmer. And that soap you see there on the sink... That's peppermint soap! That totally counts.
No, but seriously..
Christmas decorations or not, I am thrilled for this fun and festive time of year to be upon us.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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