Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project Update- Entertainment Center

You guys remember my previous post about the buffet that I found at a local store with intentions of turning it into an entertainment center? Well, here is a few super- easy instructions on how to do it! (See the after photo on the bottom. The shelves make it so that you can put your DVD players, Xbox and what have yous on shelves instead of sitting on the floor like a Ghetto Bird.)

First thing is first.
1. Take out the drawers. They were so cute, but I saved them in the attic in case it needed to be turned back into a buffet.

2. Drill two large circular holes in the back. This can easily be done with a circular saw. (This is so your chords can go out the back of the furniture so that no chords will be visible.)

3. Measure the inside openings for the shelves.

4. Get a piece of plywood and cut them into the desired size. Insert.

5. Set up your entertainment goodies!

I just love this thing!! It was so easy to do(especially since I didn't do any of it myself. ) and so much cheaper and more interesting than a standard piece from a furniture store.

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