Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bachelor Recap-Feb 3rd Episode

I don't do it often, but every once in a while I get a wild hair and wanna do a Bachelor recap post. So, here goes..

Maybe I sound like a diva, but that water looks murky.
Do they all have on the same outfit but in different colors? ABC got a discount on matching scarves.. obviously..
Andi is just so darn cute. And nice. And she looks like Kasey Musgraves.
Yay! Renee gets a one on one date. I like her. She's a realtor. #highfive
"Okay, yes..what the heck did I just say?"-Renee
If I am getting a custom, tailored dress, it sure as heck is not going to be a Kamono. 
Selfies…come on.
Do you think they make them say things like, "I can definitely see myself having a family with Juan Pablo"? I think they do.
Renee might be too mature for him.
It must be a thousand degrees in Taiwan.(is that even how you spell Taiwan? Too lazy to google it)
No one likes group dates… duh. Do you girls actually watch the show prior to application?
Oh, Kelley. She is really only on the show because she brings the fun drama.
Okay, Andi.. cool your jets.
**side note: I just put my finger in an awkward and unknown liquid on my couch…**
Clare looks like a mouse. And talks like one, too. Wait…
Holy cleavage, Chelsi.
Clare mentioned a few weeks ago that she had "never been on vacation". If that is the case than this has to be BLOWING HER MIND.
What exactly is "second base"? Making out?? Wow, I sound like a middle-schooler.
Dannnnnnnng…Clare+Juan in a jacuzzi making out=second base
Nickie looks just like Ali Fedowsky. Maybe Nickie can be her double on E News when she loses Bachelor.
Love that rug. Too bad its UT orange. (Sorry, Lindsey. I know you're reading this.)
Sharleen loves to show off her back. Im a back person so I'm ok with that.
Sharleen, honey, you are a brown bear.
What the H happened to "I have a kid. Im not kissing anyone"???? #playa
**side note** Lisa Patton comes on every commercial break completely panicking like the world will all be buried beyond repair in snow.**
Clare is going to get eaten by a shark. And that would be ok.
This "thing" you have, Juan, is called RAGING HORMONES.
Clare's definition of "letting herself be vulnerable"=letting herself be a ho.
I like Nickie's Hippie hair!
If Nickie starts to act like Chelsi on the bungy jumping date, I am turning this off.
There goes the F bomb.
I hate hearing the slushy noises it makes when they kiss. Sick.
Is that a romper Nickie is wearing? I like it!!
Juan needs to whip that Rosetta Stone out and brush up on his English. "Me like Nickie Nurse."
He is really awkward during this rose ceremony.
Renee's dress is fabulous!!!! Best dress on the show so far.
FINALLY…Renee put her dang foot down on the whole kissing issue.
Holy Drama, Clare. They obviously been wayyyyy "too far". And now she realizes she was THROWING HERSELF AT HIM. Send her home.
Maybe the Bachelor should not be able to have kids.
Allergies?! Really, Clare.
Moment of truth: prediction: Danielle, Alli and Kelly.
All of them have nappy hair. Must be humid in Vietnam.
WINNING!! My prediction was right.
Next week looks juicy. Looking forward to it.

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  1. Crazy Bachelor information: My brother Drew and his wife Julie get their hair done by Clare. She told him not to judge her by how she is portrayed on the show. Ha!