Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Burger Republic// Restaurant Review

It is so fun to be a tourist in your own town. There are just so many places around Nashville/Murfreesboro that the average resident never even tries. I refuse to be one of those people and  attempt to frequent a new spot and often as possible.

Nashville's hip, up and coming "Gulch" area just got a cool new burger joint called "Buger Republic." Although this place is not technically a local place (it's actually a small chain, this is just the first one anywhere around here) it makes a kick- butt burger.

It's cool and hip- serving great local beers, phenomenal milkshakes and most importantly unique and delicious burgers. Their burgers range anywhere from $9-$15. My choice was the Jalapeño Popper burger with tater tots. Ringing in at about $12 before tax and tip, it was certainly worth it. This buyer was covered in cream cheese, buffalo sauce and a huge jalapeño pepper. It. Was. Great.

So, if you're looking for a fun and unique place to get dinner, check out Burger Republic in the Gulch!

** I just have to mention this beautifully ironic fact that I am blogging about a burger joint when I don't "eat meat." Wellllllll… you know how when you have been on vacation for a while and even though you love the vacation destination, it is always so nice to get back home??? Well…. that is exactly how i feel with burgers… I am back on the meat eating train and I yearn for a burger about once a week now. And I'm not ashamed. At all.**

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