Wednesday, March 26, 2014

House Update// Time Marches On

Finally, oh finally, the drywall is completed on the new/old house.<<----From now on I am going to reference this house as the "Nold House." This is a nice mixture between "new" and "old" and it will keep things simpler.

I pined away and my heart palpatated way too many times over the course of the drywall work. Again, the world revolves around me and I thought the drywall should be done in 2 hours. Not 3 weeks. Okay, I am being a little facetious with that comment.. only can only hope.

Anyways, I am proud to present to you.....drumroll.....the newly completed drywall throughout the entire house.

To give you a little bit of reference, I am going to do some before and after shots.

//Living Room-Before

Mind you, this is a different angle, so it does not give you the full effect.

//Living Room- After Shot
Exciting, huh?!

// Dining Area-Before Shot

//Dining Room-After Shot
//Kitchen-Before Shot

//Kitchen-After Shot

Who's excited?!
Guess what else? We have selected a front door!
And it goes a little something like this:
By far, this was my favorite part. In fact, this picture kind of makes this door look stupid, but trust me, its fun. It will be painted a fun and funky sage green- official color, tbd. And it will even be hung by the end of the week.

One more big and fun thing. We got a new roof!
Now, the outside still looks pretty ghetto and has quite a bit of ways to go, but the roof is a very good start.

//Exterior Front - Before
I am scared right now. This is hood.

//Exterior Front- With new Roof

And that is what we call progress. My dear friend Whitney, in an effort to calm my concern about the project taking longer than I had hoped, said "This is not Extreme Makeover on ABC." True, Whit, True. Patience is a virtue.

More to come soon!

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