Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Would you go Wood?//To Butch or not to Butch

The great debate. The big decision.

We have run into some hangups with this house because A. I want it to be special and creative and different. B. We are on a budget and want to be able to "flip" this house and turn a profit. Sometimes "creative and different" can mean expensive. So, how do you find the balance between something you like that is different and special but will keep you in budget and not be too crazy to push away potential buyers when the time comes to sell?

One of these decisions has come with the countertops in the kitchen. I've never been a fan of standard countertops, so we had decided to go with some fun granite.  Then along comes some really odd and complicated situations that logistically prohibit us from using granite. Well, darn.

Now what?! I want something different, cool and funky thats not too crazy... that a buyer would think was neat and unique and special. Then it happened... we found butcher block.

Butcher block is about the same price as granite, therefore, there is no savings in this.. in fact, it might even end up costing a little bit more. However, it is a very small kitchen, so the overall investment is still relatively small. And, if you have to deal with a small kitchen, at least have a nice small kitchen, right?

So, there some the great debate.. the big question...

Would you go Wood?
To Butch or not to Butch?

That is the real question.

Chime in and let me know what you think!
(Below is a picture with an example of what white cabinets and butcher block look like together.)

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