Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Olive and Sinclair // aka Chocolate Heaven

I have always been a fan of all things local. There is just something special about knowing that you are supporting a small business that boosts your local economy. <--- That didn't sound geeky at all. 

Olive and Sinclair is a local chocolate factory in East Nashville. The owner, Scott Witherow, even went to MTSU- Double win. This chocolate factory has only been open for a few short years but has certainly made an impression on Nashvillians and national chocolate lovers alike. Olive and Sinclair chocolate products are sold in 48 states- mostly in Whole Foods Market. These almost $7.00 chocolate bars are worth every penny. The best part is that if you visit the factory on a Saturday, you can do a tour for an easy five bucks and you get to sample of of their chocolates and see just how their chocolates are made. The owner and founder, Scott, has a love for all things old and local. The factory still uses old machinery that are practically obsolete. They also partner with local breweries and other local business to barter and trade- for example, they give unused chocolate pieces to the breweries to you in their chocolate stouts, while trading for whiskey to put in their chocolate. Win, win.

The coolest part- every single bar of chocolate they make is hand wrapped- with love.<-- certainly not cheesy.

And the decor is TO. DIE. FOR.

It is certainly worth a Saturday visit. The tours are available on Saturdays only and end at 4pm.
You can get more information here at their website: Olive and Sinclair Website.


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