Saturday, December 27, 2014


I remember when I was fresh out of college, there was a job I wanted. I remember contacting a connection I had at that company and pretty much asking her to "hook me up". She gave me a negative response (which I now understand, even though it kind of hurt my feelings at that time.)
I met with her, we had lunch and I was expecting to talk about the job. I was certain that I had the "in" with her. She hardly wanted to talk about the position. In fact, she brushed it off like a fly. Instead, she urged me into considering a different position in a completely different realm- a real stretch for me at the time.

I went home very disappointed. Why hadn't she given me the job? I was more than qualified. I was a shoe-in. I felt rejected.

Fast forward a few years to a similar job that I DID get. I was so excited. It was a hefty raise from my job at the time and for what I thought would be a better company.
From day one I got a bad feeling. From day one I was let in on a few not-so-moral secrets about the company and it's owner. From day one I was surrounded my poor attitudes, a poor environment and negative habits. But still, I pushed on. 

I continued to be a good employee. I kept my mouth shut. I got to work early and stayed late. I did my job with my utmost ability- going above and beyond.

Until one day I walked in to find a box on my desk and was asked to leave. WHAT?! I had done nothing but positive things for the company. I was lied about, falsely accused of nonsense and ripped of my job. More than anything I was left so confused.

Later that night, David told me he was glad I was let go. "What? How could you say that?" was my response. To that, he said, "Because you hated that job. It surrounded you with nothing but negativity and robbed you of your spirit, but you never would have quit because you're too loyal."

Hm. That's a different take on it.
Looking back now I want to hug the lady that I wanted to punch on the day she fired me. I want to hug her neck so tightly for forcing me out of a job that was so wrong for me in every way.

I can picture myself if I had actually gotten that position, or stayed in that job.  I can picture myself in a slump, living a life that just isn't me. Working for people I did not respect and probably losing respect for myself in the process. Working a job that I hate simply because I was scared to make a way for myself. Simply because I didn't think I could. I didn't trust in God's plan for me.
I am ever so glad that I got "rejected" that day.
That "rejection" pushed me to go another route.
That "rejection" forced me to do something different and to go on another path. A path that I really wanted to choose, but maybe I didn't have the courage.

Most of the time we see rejection as a negative thing and sometimes it is. But often times "rejection" is really a push for something much greater in our lives.

Embrace that so-called rejection with excitement for the path God is leading you on instead.

Thinking back on those days and through the heartbreak it brought me at the time, I have never been so happy to be rejected as I am right now.

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