Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Soberdough Love

As you know, I am a lover of all things good, unique and local.
Upon discovering Soberdough Brew Bread, I was immediately drawn to it because of its simplicity and uniqueness. What makes it even better? It's also delicious.
Soberdough Brew Bread is locally made in Nashville by a Mother/Son team.
It's so very simple. You put the bread mix into a bowl and add a 12 oz beer of your choice. Mix it together and bake for 45 minutes. That's it.
The best part is that it is sooooooooooo delicious.

I made the Rosemary version on Sunday for a Christmas Party and not only was it a hit, but it made our house smell delicious while it was cooking.

They have all kinds of delicious flavors to try:

If you don't live in Nashville, you can order it online or at lots of stores locally in cities across the South. (Including Pa Bunks, if you live in Murfreesboro.)

This stuff is fantastic. I can not say enough positive things about it.
Get you some! :)

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