Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Curtain Break Down

After typing the title to this post, I realize that this title falls right into line with the contents of my most recent post about over-reacting. Who over reacts about curtains? Who even cares about curtains? Me.

I literally stood in the dining room for a solid 30 mins last night just staring at this room thinking "Something is off. It just doesn't feel right." I can only imagine what a bystander would have thought if they saw me through the window... staring at the dining room...

My face looked a little something like this.

I couldn't explain it. It just didn't "feel right". Something was off balance. Later, as I laid in bed, I was still thinking about it (weirdo), when it occurred to me that maybe a pop of color would make it feel better. So, I hopped out of bed and grabbed a turquoise "R" I had in the office and placed in on the mantle, which really pepped it up. (Sadly, you can not even see it in this picture.)

Would you agree that it just looks a little "blah"?
Hence the curtain dilemma. Should I have picked a more exciting print?
One really great thing that you can see in this picture is this bad boy:

About a year ago I made the inner part with a chalk pin and chalk board I got at Marshalls, but this weekend my uncle David gave me that cool frame and I just didn't know what to do with it. I randomly put it around this chalk print and LOVE IT. It just looks crazy and fun.
The sad part about all of this is that the dining room looked just fine about two days ago and I was happy as a lark with it, but in a fit of boredom I decided to move some things around and then this happened.... mass confusion on curtains and furniture placement...

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