Monday, May 4, 2015

The only way to do it is to do it.

You know how they say "don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, I don't really follow that tidbit of advice. In fact, I most definitely DO judge a book by its cover. This is my thinking on that: When I buy a book, I consider it a small investment not only in myself, but in the author of that book. I like the invest in people with creativity and I typically enjoy authors who have similar personality traits as myself. Therefore, I think they would design a book cover that would pleasing to me. Therefore, I do judge said book by its cover. Shamlessly.

Sorry, that got a little out of hand. Moving right along.

In my methods of "judging a book by its cover" I have recently made some really excellent choices based on said covers. You have seen my reference to Lara Casey's book, Make it Happen. <--which was nothing short of fabulous. I also recently bought a book called The Fringe Hours. I can't lie to you, friends, it was not my favorite, however it was still very good. Both of these books focus on making things happen in life, following your dreams and making time for self-care and passion.

Naturally, I am a very passionate person, but ironically I tend to neglect my own passions at times. I let a busy work scheduled push out things that really make me tick. And before long, I stop ticking. I get weak. I get burnt out. I am sure your experience similar things in your life. The thing is, your "passion" doesn't have to be something wild and crazy like skydiving or international travel. It can be something small like reading and writing. ( two of my passions ) The craziest part is that when I make just a small amount of time to do these things, I feel fuller, happier and more fulfilled. Yes, I would love to explore my wilder passions of international travel, skydiving, art, <insert something extra funky here> but I don't necessarily have to do these things to get that little boost of excitement in my step. A couple of hours of pampering with a good book and a blog post and I am feeling pretty darn good. It's that simple. 

I have wrestled the last two weeks to make time for hardly anything. I am in the midst of a very busy season at work and am training a lovely girl to aid me in the upcoming busy seasons, however, said training can really take a lot out of a person. I can find myself coming home and really not wanting to do anything but veg out and watch mindless TV. BUT, I ALWAYS feel better when I make that push to do something that fuels me. 

And guess what? The only way to do it  is TO DO IT. 

In my efforts of taking better care of myself physically and spiritually, I had a fabulous massage. Yes, I could have used that money to buy a new bag or shirt, but I would not feel near the amount of fulfillment that I do right now. Passion, self-care and self-awareness are three of the most important things to help maintain that balance in life that we all need so desperately.

It was a struggle. My email was blowing up at work as I left before my normal quitting time. I had missed called and texts my entire drive over to get my massage--and it was just a meaisly five minute drive. But I PROMISED myself I would go, I would unplug and I would relax. It can wait until tomorrow. Whatever "it" is.

Will you take that time for yourself this week, my friend? Even if it's just a warm bath or a stroll through your favorite bookstore. Will you take the time to stop, breathe and smile.


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