Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cats love massage oil. And Flies.

Sometimes I pull up my blog and click "new post" without even having the slightest idea of what I am going to write. Tonight is one of those nights. Heavily feeling the void of my absence on my blog, I just felt like I had to get online and write something.  I suppose I could rant on about Caitlyn Jenner or the guy-on-guy love on the Bachelorette Monday night, but instead, Ill try to dig a little deeper for something just a tid bit more meaningful.

I suppose it was a six months or so ago when a friend first mentioned to me a book she thought I would enjoy reading. Always enjoying a good read, but being reluctant to accept her suggestions due to some questionable suggestions in the past, I listened anyways. She suggested a book by Jen Hatmaker called Seven. The synopsis consisted of some looney tune narrowing her life down for seven months to seven things in seven different categories. Lame. So, I moved on.

Then, it was about a month ago when my Dad and Stepmom took me out to a delicious Mexican cuisine when my stepmom suggested the same book. Respecting her opinion in books much more, I decided to take a $9 chance and order the book on Amazon.

------> isn't it always those things that we resist that rock the boat so very much? I mean, for real?
Much to my surprise, I was knee deep in this book in a 24 hour period and telling everyone I knew about it. I mean, for real. I would somehow transition into conversation about this book when the topic was so far away from this book that it's not even funny. Like, "Oh hey, you went to the park today? Well, let me tell you about this book I'm reading!" "Oh, you like pizza? Let me tell you about this amazing book Im reading!!!" "Oh, you have a stomach ache? Guess what? Im reading this book by Jen Hatmaker and I am THIS CLOSE to selling everything we own and wearing the same seven clothing items for the REST OF MY LIFE."

I digress.

Anywho, this book is amazing. I won't even go into my 30 minute spill about how we, as Americans, are incredibly wasteful and at the top of the over-consumption chain no matter what category you explore. We eat too much. We buy too much. We stress to much. We watch too much TV. And we spend too much time on social media. There I go again, but seriously... This book has made a huge impact on me. So much that I even had a nasty encounter at the mall last weekend. We were in Chattanooga working on a new room for the Escape Game ( shameless plug for David, Michael and Spence--so smart-- check it when I truly just needed a break so we stole away to go to the mall--- which would normally be an amazing and exciting break for me. But guess what, Jen Hatmaker?! You ruined it all. Every store I went into. Every item I picked up, I thought about those oh-so-very true words on the pages of that book.

It changed me in a way I just didn't want to be changed. But Im humbly thankful and hopeful this mind-set will stick forever. No, I'm not going to the extreme or anywhere near the extreme that Jen talks about in this book. BUT, I will forever be mindful of my excess and will forever be on the side of "mutiny against excess."

Do yourselves a favor, friends. Read. This. Book.

P.S. Abe is not a licker. People talk about cats tounges being rough and them licking things all of the time but Abe is just not that cat. However, I had a massage tonight and came home with a nice little layer of massage oil on and Abe is licking my knee with a vengence. It's rather disturbing.

But then he saw a fly and ran 88 miles an hour across the living room to gulp it up in one bite.

Happy Hump Day. May the rest of this week be the best of this week.

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