Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Your suggestions suck.

When we go to restaurants, I am notorious for asking the waitor or waitress "what they would suggest" as far as an entree' item. I don't ALWAYS go with their suggestion, but at specialty restaurants, servers are usually well versed in not only the menu, but also just food choices in general. I like to get advise from the experts.  However, this doesn't always serve me well-- lets just be honest about it.... sometimes their suggestions suck. I am not really a meat eater, but will indulge from time to time. Last weekend at a specialty restaurant in Chattanooga, I took the suggestion of a "Pork Belly Bowl". When I told the server that I was not much of a fan of meat, much less pork, his comment was that I just "haven't had it prepared correctly." Which is partially true, but either way, I was left unsatisfied with those chewy and fatty pork belly bites. Delicious to a meat eater, I am sure, but not delicious to my palette.

On another note, I am always looking for a good book to read and am always open to a good suggestion- especially from a fellow reader that I think jives with my reading likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, I have found myself in another situation like the Pork Belly. I took the suggestion of a college friend that I thought had a similar interest as mine in books. Well, I wasn't exactly right. Although I love a good Christian book and don't mind some theology, this book was just.... too much for me. I absolutely hate not finishing  a book, until I recently read an article explaining how life was too short to finish a book you didn't like. So, as simple as that- I stopped reading the book and placed it on the bookshelf. Done. For now, at least. There may be a time in my life that I want to revisit this book, but now is just not that time.

The moral of the story is a simple line that comes from none other than my good ole' Dad "That's why they make Vanilla and Chocolate." Sometimes other peoples suggestions don't match with what you like or dislike because people are different. Someone may rant and rave about how amazing a book is and it just downright sucks in your eyes. And thats ok.

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