Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Holy Overgrowth.

Just for kicks, sometimes I look on Google Earth. You know, for no particular reason whatsoever. Its really hilarious sometimes. Today, I certainly was not disapointed when I Google Earthed my own house. Of course, the picture was taken before we got our little hands on it, but it literally made my mouth drop open.

This is not a drill my friends. This is real. This is actually our house. That we live in.
After I cleaned up my vomit, I dug up a picture of the house after we finished.
Shew. Not near as scary. Im feeling a lot better about myself right now.
I can proudly say it has been one year since this picture was taken and I love our little bungalow as much as the day we moved in. <Minus the daily punches thrown over who gets in the one bathroom at what time. Jusssssssst Kidding. Not>

**My friend Grace said the before picture  looks like a scary house from the Sandlot where the kids dare each other to go knock on the front door because some evil witch lives in it.

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