Monday, October 19, 2015

Let's not get too excited here.

One night last week I finally made it over to the remodel to take some progress pictures. Excitedly, I took my camera into the office the next day to show a co-worker I thought would share in my joy. (Considering he is a friend of the old owner and has seen the house himself. I'm talking about you, Jimmy. *cough*) Not only was he not excited but he was really moreso like, "This sucks."

That being said, this post is more for my own tracking purposes than the benefit of my readers because I realize only a nerdo like me get excited over something like this.

Without further ado, here are some updated pictures.

This picture is of the new mudroom/entry area. We removed one of the bedrooms, which was weird and unfunctional. By removing this bedroom, we were able to turn it into a cool mudroom/laundry room combo which will really function well with the back of the house. You will also notice the back door has been relocated (hence the big hole in the kitchen wall that is boarded up). This serves two purposes: 1. It gives more wall space in the kitchen, which equals more cabinet AND countertop space. Also, this change allowed us to add a pantry, great area for laundry and a fun bench/storage area in the mudroom. Let's not forget a fun pocket door that will go between the kitchen and the mudroom. I have a serious obsession with pocket doors.

Now, the below  picture is of one of the two bedrooms downstairs. You will see two doorways at this time, but the one on the right will soon we walled up and the one of the left will be the new (and much larger) closet, which we were also able to achieve by giving up the other bedroom. This room used to have a closet on the other side of the room, which we removed to expand the bathroom.

I know this bathroom looks like a luxurious dream and you cant stop thinking about taking a bubble bath in it, but try to focus for a minute.  This is the demoed bathroom. As you can see to the right, we have pushed the bathroom wall back (don't mind the pole, that will be removed) into the bedroom to expand the bathroom.

Now this is where the fun begins. As you have already know, this house was a duplex when we bought it. It was cut up into an upstairs and downstairs apartment. The upstairs apartment was two bedrooms, one bathroom and a small kitchen and living room area. We have ripped all of that out and turned it into a master suite. From the below view, you would be looking at the master bathroom area. When you enter the master bathroom area, you can turn left and go into the walk-in master closet (with a window, I might add) or you can right into another storage area/attic access, but in the middle will be a double vanity with shower and toilet.

I SO want this master bedroom. Like Bad.

The below shot is just from another angle.

And this shot is looking into the bathroom. You will notice the old door that has been walled up. This used to be the access for the upstairs apartment.

As "constructiony" as these pictures are, the remainder of the pictures I took are even worse, so I'll spare you the others since these are are where the majority of the changes are taking place anyways.

And that, my friends, is your construction update of the renovation. Let's not get too excited here.

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