Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Future.

Anyone who is anyone knows that today is Back to the Future Day.

<It's only been all over the media the entire week.>

I loved watching the clip of Marty McFly in the movie in reference to what life would be like on October 21st, 2015.  As I watched the videos of people in this mysterious robot land of hover boards and self lacing shoes, I couldn't help but laugh. Is this really what we thought life would be like?

Wait a minute.

I think I wrote a paper in Freshman English 1010 about what I thought my life would look like in ten years... which would be about  this time.. I can vaguely remember some of the things I wrote and lets just say... It's humorous. In fact, its practically opposite of the way things are now.

I'm a planner and have always operated on that good ole saying of "Failure to plan is a plan to fail" but let's get real... That's sort of a joke. Personally, it seems like the times I HAVE planned out the way "life" was going to go, God has laughed in my face and made it completely different.
Regardless of whether it has gone "my" way or not, it's always turned out better. It may not have always seemed "better" but it is.

So maybe, 2015 doesn't contain flying Deloreans and hover boards, but it does contain Cronuts and Pinterest and that's just as good... let's be honest.

Cheers to another 10 Years.

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