Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Salt Cave Chronicles: Part One of One

Sometimes you just need to get away. This weekend was one of those weekends. Knee deep in Escape Experience Nashville projects, David and I wanted a couple of days away to clear our heads.

We decided to head to Asheville, North Carolina. Despite the sharp and frigid temperatures, we managed to sneak in several good meals and activities into our visit.

One such activity was visiting a salt cave. That's right, friends, a salt cave. I know what you must be thinking right now. Where does one even find such a thing? And the answer is: < The World Wide web. They just have everything on there these days >  Prior to showing up we read several things online about how relaxing and healing the experience was. It has a 94% positive feedback online. People were reporting healing of scars, respiratory issues, snoring and overall stress. I'm a semi/wannabe hippie, so I couldn't wait.

As we pulled into the parking area, we quickly realized this was not an all natural salt cave. It was in a strip center. Um... Ok. Spirits still high, we headed inside. We drank some hippie tea and read about the healing effects of salt. Before we went in, I decided to get all high and mighty and said, "David, try to take this seriously, ok?!" Maybe this activity wasn't really "his thing" but I wanted us to enjoy it and really give it a shot.

We were greeted by a very soft spoken skeleton of a woman with an interesting texture of dread locks. She walked us (and the other four guests) into the salt cave-- which was essentially a medium sized room covered in salt. Salt everywhere. Large salt blocks to build the walls. Coarse salt rocks from the ceiling hanging in nets. Fine salt rocks below your feet. Saltwater fountains. Salt, salt, everywhere.

After skeleton lady's spill, I was really focusing all of my attention on relaxing. Letting go of my "to do list" and releasing any tensions I may have had. I looked over at David (in his glorified lawn chair we were given to sit in) and he was breathing deeply- in through his nose, out through his mouth. And I lost it. And I mean, lost it. I went into school girl laughter that led to crying that led to shaking from laughter.  I felt like I was on a bad episode of  Seinfeld.

I finally regained my composure enough to try to make the most out of this for the next 45 minutes. But everytime I opened my eyes, this lady was bold face staring me in the eyes. So I would laugh again, cry again, shake again. Try to compose myself again. And the cycle continued.

Long story short: I can't testify to the healing powers of the salt. Maybe it was the healing power of laughter or maybe it was the cat nap I took while in the cave, but I did feel slightly more relaxed and better after the session.

Therefore, this will be the salt cave chronicles part one of one. There will be no second part.

One thing I can testify for is the healing power of quality time and food.

I mean, look at this. Just look at it. Would you just look at it?

Asheville is such a foodie town that even this weird little diner in a gas station outside of town was absolutely delicious.
Flatiron Building. It's no NYC, but its pretty darn cute!

I wish I had taken some pictures of the Asheville Pinball Museum, but we were too busy nerding out in there to think about modern technology or life in general. Either way, if you go to Asheville, I would advise spending the $13 admission fee and geeking out for yourself.

So, maybe the salt caves didn't provide the relaxation needed, but either way, I came home refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way this week.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

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