Friday, February 19, 2016

When the Dream Comes Slowly

We all have dreams. Regardless of their magnitude, we all have things we wish we could do or pursue in our lives. Sometimes these dreams may involve "giving" something up like a job, person or lifestyle. Other dreams may involve "taking" something up like a new activity, passion or person. No matter what the dream may be, it is easy to have set expectations in our minds as to how these dreams will play out in real life-- what these things will look like once we have scratched the surface.

When we started our business of house flipping, I pretty much expected to turn into Joanna Gaines. I thought my days would be filled with lattes, paint color swatches and job site visits. Working a full time job on top of that business means that most days look the same as they did before. In fact, some days are even longer with job site visits in between other appointments for work or after hours.

I also expected the transition of a house flip to be like it is on TV., timewise. Wrong again. In fact, as you can tell from my blog update, the house we are currently working on is anything but that. When we initially purchased this house it had a pesky renter that didn't want to vacate. A few months later, once we were finally able to begin work, our Escape Experience Chattanooga business needed expansion. Although this was a good problem to have, it took us away from our house flip project for several months. Months later, we began again only to be pulled away for Escape Experience Nashville. Again, a good problem to have, but postponing the project once again.

Needless to say, the last few months have made me fidgety. I like to be hands on, involved and into something all of the time.

I feel confident that you can take whatever situation you may be experiencing in your life and insert it into my description above.

We decide on a dream.
We start to go for it.

Then, maybe it doesn't go exactly according to our plan or timing.

Maybe our version of success or fulfillment is put off or takes longer to reach than expected.

Maybe it just doesn't look exactly how we wanted it to.

Whatever that dream may be, stay the course. Your results may come more slowly than expected, but they certainly won't come if you are not on the course.

Maybe your business doesn't take off as quickly as you want it to. Maybe you're putting in more hours and things are not as glamorous as you expected.

Maybe your weight loss journey is annoying. It's fun to look at peoples pictures on Instagram of their health shakes and running shoes and fun workout hair. I don't know about you, but my hair is usually plastered to my head with dry shampoo and I'm wearing some old highschool T-shirts. Stay the course.

Maybe you are on a journey for adoption or trying to get pregnant. You hear a birth announcement once a week and everyone around you seems to be fertile Myrtle. Why not you? Stay the course.

It's not always easy, but it is worth it. If we do not pursue these dreams and desires put into our hearts, then who will? We will never get there if we don't stay the course. No matter how long, no matter how hard. Because we WILL get there.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

Stay the course. Your results definitely will not be reached if you are not on the course at all.

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