Tuesday, May 24, 2016

House Update-The Holy House

It has been a hectic and crazy time in our lives. What's new, right? The last six months has had alot of highs and alot of lows (as you can probably tell from my blog posts) but we are making some waves in the current house renovation, which is worth reporting to you, friends.

As you know, we have had this little booger for quite some time now. Originally we intended to do some light paint and repair work and call it a day, but in true Rowland Construction fashion, we have outdone ourselves. Not only have we replaced the old asbestos siding, but we have replaced all the windows, reframed most of the house, replaced all of the drywall, gutted the entire house, new cabinets, tile, showers, bathrooms.. pretty much, you name it and it's been replaced. With David coming and going to work on The Escape Experience Nashville , this renovation has been stop and go also. We are finally getting to the fun parts. We have an estimated completion date of 60 days.

Here are a few outside pictures to tickle your fancy and hold you over until we have some salvageable inside pictures. (Its hard to take interior pictures in drywall phase)

This is the before shot.
Here is a shot after all of the asbestos siding was removed. Removing asbestos siding is more of an ordeal than you might think. We actually had to hire a company to come in hazmat suits, take off the siding off (while keeping it wet), double bagging it and disposing of it properly.

These are shots of the house after the new hardyboard/cement siding has been installed (before it is painted). Hardyboard siding it a very good quality material that is very low maintenance and stays looking nice year after year. Its a much more expensive alternative to vinyl siding, but makes up for it in the long run and looks nicer also. You can also spot some fancy new windows too.

These are shots after the paint is complete. There are lots of other things to be done outside to complete the look, but this is a great starting point. We couldn't be more pleased with the way the gray color pops on the white trim- so clean looking!

Progress is so exciting, but there is so much more to go. The good news is this is the most fun part of the renovation process. This is when I start to pick out finishes and see it all come together. 

I can't even tell you how many times I have proposed the idea of moving into this house to David. And that would be the exact same number of times I have been turned down on that request. I'm just so excited about the floor plan and finished product. This is really going to be a house to be proud of. 
More pictures to come soon!

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  1. I love Do It Yourself home projects. It is not only a form of therapy, it is also a way to express your artistic side. The house looks amazing from your photos. I am a housewife for the time being, and have also done a few projects with old furniture. I took an old brown bench we had in the bedroom and painted it white and purchased some colored seat cushions from Walmart. Your blog has inspired me further!