Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jalapeno Jelly.

There can be lots of frustrating times in a home remodel. To offset those times are the exciting little advances you make when things just click. Last night was one of those clicking moments.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was really looking for a cute pop of color to make the front of the house come alive. I boldly chose a funky green color called "Jalapeno Jelly." Not sure what it would look like, I treaded lightly, in hopes that my vision would come alive instead of it looking like a clown house.

I could not be happier with this color. It's funky and fun, but still not too crazy. I really think that when the lighting, flooring,paint and tile all come together, this is going to be a killer house!  I am so excited for the weeks to come.

Jalapeno Jelly.

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