Thursday, January 13, 2011

Living Room

Okay, so every since I moved into the house, the living room floors have driven me nuts. Whether it be that Im an OCD Clean freak or the fact that the finish on them is less than perfectly matching the rest of the house, either way, they drive me nuts. No matter how often you clean, etc, the fact is, they dont match right. When we try to sell the house, we fear this will be an issue to potential buyers, SO.... We are having the floors redone in a couple of weeks. Its really not too expensive thanks to the wonderful Bill Jakes, who is giving us an awesome deal.  I am very excited and can hardly wait!! Here are some before shots.

Because this side of the house doesnt get a ton of natural light, this room is kind of dark all of the time. It probably wasnt the best choice to get such dark furniture, but when we bought it, I hadnt really gotten to "live" in the house and experience the lack of natural light. So... as we get the floors redone we are hoping it will lighten the room up a tad.( the new/matching stain will be lighter than the existing )
Also, I am looking for suggestion on what would make this room lighter. I was thinking maybe some beige patterned pillows or window toppers... I dont know. I need your suggestions. Post a comment to this and let me know your thoughts. Here is a pillow I considered. (to replace the black and brown/dark pillows on the couch now.)

Keep in mind that we dont want to invest too much money because we dont plan on living here too much longer (1-2 years)

Stay warm and stay safe in the snowy weather we have today!


  1. Hi Anna. Here's an idea: Use mirrors. They'll make the room seem larger and they'll reflect the light you already have with no additional electricity use. Maybe group some framed mirrors in different sizes and shapes on one wall opposite or adjacent to a window. You can also use up lighting, maybe behind a plant. Hope this helps.

  2. Oh, just thought of something else. Not sure if you want to invest in a new rug but you could use a white rug or lighter color rug, that could help.