Monday, January 17, 2011

Some updates

So, over the long weekend I got a few projects done. My Mom gave me a hutch that was oak and David and I decided to refinish it and paint it white with new knobs. It makes the perfect addition to the dining room!

Inside you will see my Grandmother, Dora's, China. Its white with a small silver trim. I am veeeery excited to have that piece of her in our home.
Now, on to the living room. As you will see from previous posts, I am trying to lighten it up. I changed the mantle piece and added some white and beige pillows, blankets, frames, etc. We will be having the floors done at the end of the month, so hopefully this will lighten it up some, too! 

All this lightening and brightening has inspired me to lighten and brighten our bedroom also. I repainted, cleaned and rearranged it today on my glorious day off!

Ill keep updating our progress! :) Happy MLK Day!


  1. What color was your bedroom?
    This looks great.

  2. Thanks! It used to be dark brown. It was a satin and you could see all the brush/roller strokes so I re-did it in a flat.