Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheap Thrills.

I am always looking for a good deal- even if I don't necessarily need it. This can sometimes definitely be a fault, but can also be a lot of fun. On Monday I saw a promotion from Pier One Imports. If you "like" them on Facebook, you get a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase, which is basically like $10 of free stuff. I was afraid I would not be able to find many items in the price range, but I did! Immediately, my "cheap-o" mind got to churning. I figured out a good way to work the system and get all kinds of free stuff. I figured out that they will allow you to use one coupon, per day, per person. That's right folks- gather your kids, your mama, your husbands and get as much free stuff as you can. The coupon was only valid for 3 days, so I made sure to go all three days- with guests. I got several cool items for free, including these two.
I'm loving this key holder for the front door. It's so cute and cost me about $1 !
This bad boy set me back about $2.50.

I'm really into this "sea foam" green color right now.
I also got a cool diffuser and pot holders all for free! 

Talk about manipulating the system.

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