Monday, July 25, 2011


This has been a fun and exciting weekend.

We started out with a dinner fundraiser for a friend who has a son with special needs. It was a hit and PJ's pizza was packed! Saturday we rafted the upper Ocoee with my sister and brother in law. It was ALOT of fun! :) Yesterday was a relaxing and exciting day. A few weeks ago a write for the Daily News Journal here in Murfreesboro contacted me about doing a budget decorating article. I was SO excited to hear from her and could not wait for her visit! She came over with her photographer and I had so much fun telling her about our home and its design elements. It was fun to tell the story of all the bizarre pieces in our home- most of which were made by us, passed around from family or found very inexpensively at an auction or antique store. It was so much fun- I could do it everyday! Anyways, the article ran yesterday in the print edition as well as the online edition. Nancy worked wonders- even David said "some of these pictures make our house look way cooler than it is". So, koodos to the magical photographer and Nancy DeGennaro for the fun and well written article!

Read the article HERE. See the photo gallery HERE.

Here are a few highlight shots.
 I'm not so crazy about this nappy haired shot, but oh well.

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