Thursday, July 21, 2011


Recently my good friend Lana turned me on to this exciting new website called Dwelling Gawker. Dwelling Gawker is sort of like Pinterest (one of my favorite sites!)As if I didn't already fill my tiny little head full of decorating dreams and ideas, this site has given me even more reason to waste away my days looking at other people's creations. It's so inspiring. Today these three really caught my eye and I just had to share..
There is nothing about this dreamy greenhouse sitting room that I don't love. You have got to check out their website which shows more pictures: Click Here. Wow. I am amazed.
This bedroom is rather dreamy, too. I love how it looks so light, bright and beautiful! Very feminine, but I am feminizing my husband more and more as the days on go...
I love this, too. Design is all about the details and the details of this setting are stunning. I LOVE the mirror and chest of drawers. What a cute little setup.

So, eat your heart out and gawk all you, back to work.

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