Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Step into my office.

My family is notorious for trading furniture. It's true. We will trade anything and everything from a small chair to a bedroom or living room suite. read right. Weird, I know, but so much fun and cheaper than buying new stuff all of the time. And eventually all your stuff comes back around to you.

My latest family acquisition included a cool desk and office chair. I passed along our other office furniture to my sister and got a whole new office for nothing but a little sweat. This new furniture also prompted a new arrangement, which I am loving...

This is the view you see after walking through the french doors. It has a very "step into my office" feeling. (For some reason every picture I took looked stupid.... I promise it looks better in person.)
I was even able to keep the patented couch in the office..

The family furniture rotation brought my old chair back to me. I love this chair. I bought it when I was 19 at an antique mall and recovered the seat myself.

I bought this fun damask material at Hancock fabrics for just a few dollars and recovered it in no time. This is a great way to give an old ugly chair new life with little money. Another cool idea would be to paint it.

And I found this cool mini-mason jar full of twine at Mom's house. She just happened to be giving it away and I thought it would be cute as a pen holder on the desk.

Total cost of all these projects: $0.00 . Trading is fun!

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