Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You CUT those wires?!?!

I'll admit, sometimes my excitement to modify a space in our home can lead me to do some crazy things. In the small hallway going to the laundry/garage area, there was a HUGE security system dashboard that looked really stylish stupid. I remember when David first got the house me trying to help him to pull it down and get rid of it, but for some reason it didn't work out at the time. Having the security dashboard there really limited what you could hang or do in that area. So, last night I decided to throw home security to the wind and give it another try. To my astonishment, it was not hard to get rid of it at all. I did have to cut some live wires and get semi-electrocuted for it though. Juuuuust kidding. They weren't live wires...thankfully. Then I realized why we didn't follow through with it when we first got the left a hole. Not a huge hole. Actually a very small hole, but just a tad bit too big to patch with plaster. In an effort to avoid the drywall work it would entail, we left it there- but, any good stylist knows you can cover any size hole with the right size picture.

I love this funky mirror that I used to have in the laundry room. The laundry room just didn't do it justice and I really wanted it to have a more prominent space. Without further ado, introducing the "security dashboard hole hiding mirror wall!"

Another thing I am loving these days are these meaningful pictures I put over our bed. (Previously it was home to the old window, but everybody needs a little change here and there, huh?) 

The placement of these prints is very random, which is hard for my A type personality to get used to. They are not symmetrical at all, but I am kind of loving the uniqueness of them. 

I love each of these prints in their own way. Each of them have been in my life for many years and have alot of meaning behind them. Now I can display these sentiments in a beautiful way so I can see them every morning and remember what they mean to me.

(Actually if you pay attention to detail you will see that in the middle of this post I got up and moved all of the prints on the right up a few inches. It was just driving me a little crazy and seeing the pictures on my computer screen proved to me that it was just a little much, so I made it even.....freaky, I know.)

So, there you have it! Random Picture Wall.

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