Friday, December 2, 2011

Concussions and Artwork

That's right, folks. You read the title of this post correctly.

One big nasty secret that no one knows about me is that I sit in the sink every morning while I put on my makeup. I dont know what it is... something about the elevation.. being close to the mirror.... less effort having to stand up.. I don't know.. I don't have all the answers.. Anyways.. I sit in the sink. Moving right along.. One day last week I was sitting in the sink putting on my makeup before work when all the sudden......"BANG, SPLASH, PLOP, OUCH, $###***@@@!!!" I'm suddenly knocked senseless somehow. What the heck was that?!?! I look to my left... nothing. I look to my right...nothing. There has got to be some sort of sneaky robber in my house that ran away real fast for the .00083 seconds that I lost consciousness. Where did he go?! I immediately grab the hairbrush and a pair of scissors to wart of this dirty, sneaky criminal. I check the closet...empty. Bedroom...empty....shoot?!?! Where did this sucker get off to?!?! As I turn around to venture into the next room I see the culprit.....on the bathroom floor... And it's no dirty "Sticky Bandit". Its my favorite white wall hanging that I have had forever. :(  Of course when I went to hang the wall hanging I didn't put it in a stud. I mean...who actually does that?! Anyways... it fell down...knocked me in the head and sent me into a robber searching frenzy.

As happy as I was that there was no criminal in the house.. I was equally upset that this wall hanging had fallen and broken into a few pieces. :( :( I love that thing!

The slight concussion must have sparked the creative lobe of my brain and I got a great idea to break it up into pieces and hang it in an uber- abstract pattern. It could work... right? You tell me...

Weird or cool? Don't worry.. I'm certain that in a few weeks all four of them will fall and break my neck. This is simply temporary art. :)

See folks... there is a silver lining to every bad situation...

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  1. Oh my goodness, you poor thing. Hope your head is feeling better.