Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snowflakes :)

I want to preface this post with the following statements:
The entire time I was doing this project I felt like I should have a table full of kids with me in order to justify this project. However, after a much consideration I decided to blog about it anyways because it gives me the warm Christmas fuzzies inside.

Moving right along...

This weekend I spent the day with two wonderful friends of mine- shopping, eating and catching up. It was such a great day (more on this to come later.) In the process of shopping, I came across a really neat idea and decided to steal it. No shame in that, right?

At an art gallery in Leiper's Fork we found this neat homemade snowflake display.

I thought it would be neat to recreate this in my dining room over the table display. I made my snowflakes out of magazine pages and notebook paper and hung them with some twine I had laying around the garage. 

Mine don't look near as fancy... but.. it was fun and makes the dining room kind of festive!

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  1. Anna, this looks so pretty! I wanted to come home and do the same project after we saw it at the art gallery - but you know where good intentions lead you. So glad you actually did it and it looks beautiful!