Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sometimes we really take for granted how much attitude can affect our lives for the better or worse. Last Friday I came in contact with a man who taught me alot about attitude and perspective. After having dinner in Nashville we decided to stop into Steak and Shake and have a little dessert. There was a man around 55 or 60 working the drivethru window. After pulling up, he handed us our shakes and in a very polite and cheerful manner asked how our night was going. It was late.. around 10:30 or so and he commented that he was a bit tired because he had been working a double shift that day. Even with his comment on being a bit tired he was cheerful and kind. He was very polite and helpful and seemed to truly have a servants attitude.

Now, why did this have such a affect on me?

- Most of the time when you go to a fast food restaurant you get a hateful jerk young adult who would puke in your food at the drop of a hat. You can rarely understand what they are even saying. When you ask them for extra napkins they give you a look from hell and disrespectfully hand them to you.  On the flip side, this guy was well dressed, well spoken and kind.

-This man had to have been at least 55-60 years old. I'm sure this was not the position he wanted in life: to be working fast food at 10:30 on a Friday night instead of home with his family- while most people his age are retired. Regardless, he was cheerful and thankful to have the job he has.

I often wonder what my attitude would be in the same situation. I'd love to think I would be as cheerful as him, but I tend to think other feelings of anger and resentment could come into play as well. It's hard to be cheerful and happen when you may not have the ideal situation in life. When things aren't going your way or according to your plan, bitterness can easily creep in. I loved my 2 minute meeting with this guy. As silly as it sounds, he taught me alot about attitude that night.

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

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