Thursday, March 1, 2012

Small Gems of Life

Sometimes it's the smallest purchases that bring you the greatest joy. Today I stumbled into "Sugaree's" on the square (one of my favorite local stores) and once again stumbled upon a beautiful new creation by Evane Stoner. (The little imaginary girl ) Not only did I buy these earrings because they are precious and very affordable, but I bought them because I think Evane rocks! She is not only beautiful, but crafty, talented and a young entrepreneur. I'm not for sure, but I think she's like 17 years old or something... and she makes gorgeous jewelry and photography. I don't know her personally, but hope to meet her one day! Until then, I will rock these earrings regularly and look forward to new creations by Evane.


  1. Lovely! I want a pair now!! Do they come in other colors? :)

  2. That hanky is pretty too. :)