Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nike had it right all along..

It's so easy to be a procrastinator. Personally, I can put off the smallest task. To prove my point... I have two iPhones.( One for work use and one for personal use. ) I was sitting in the living room reading my book (Hunger Games-Catching Fire) and texting a friend when I noticed my personal phone was going dead. I thought, "Oh well, I have another one I can text on when that one dies." So, that one died and I continued to read. Shortly after that, phone # 2 begins to die. And I let it. I could have literally walked 15 steps and plugged the phone up to get a full charge, but instead I decided that the task was just way too daunting. Pathetic, right??

Okay, maybe this is a little bit of an extreme case of putting something off, but it holds the same value with larger circumstances in life. It's very easy to put things off- no matter how big or small. It will sit on your brain and manifest this thinking of this pile of tasks that you need to get done. (Which then causes stress, which then causes wrinkles and pre-mature aging. Too far? Okay, maybe) The truth of the matter is this, if we give up the fight, give in and "Just Do It", we can alleviate that stress and let our minds move on to something else.

One of the easiest places in my life to procrastinate is working out. I can always find a million other things that I "need" to do before heading out to the gym. I end up doing all of these things and then find myself short on time and unable to have a workout, which leads to feeling crappy about it and mad at myself the rest of the day.

When I finally just "block off" some time to work out, it really makes my days feel more in balance. "Blocking off" is so difficult.. I typically run a million miles an hour with multiple tasks going at once. BUT.. I have learned that I don't get quality time on certain tasks unless I put all other things aside and focus on that one task..."Put down the iPhone and walk away."

It's tough, but if you "just do it", you will find the rewards to be great.

Just Do It. Don't procrastinate.

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