Friday, March 7, 2014

Hurry up and wait.

Lesson Number 1: Remodeling a home is not all laughing and giggles. These shows that make it looks like they do all this major demo and remodeling in a week is crap. It's still fun, but definitely requires some patience. Even a good attitude can't change the times that the wrong size drywall is shipped, the snow/ice keeps workers from coming over to work or the rain keeps roofers from getting their party started. And the  biggest lesson to learn: The entire world doesn't revolve around Anna and exactly what she wants done at what time. Whaaaaaaaaa? Dang, that was a hard one to learn.

Nonetheless, it has still been an exciting, even though sometimes slow, process. Part one of the drywall will be finished by the end of the day today. (This is the actual hanging of all the new drywall. Part Two will be the mudding and seaming of the new drywall.)

So, let's get this party started.. drywall part one is done! whhhhhhhew who!

One exciting part of the drywall "almost" being done is the prospect of being able to explore some cabinet options. Wednesday we ventured down to a cabinet and remodel store in Franklin to find one cool option for the cabinets and granite. I, personally, prefer a stark white cabinet over the off white, but I am trying to keep an open mind. For some crazy reason this store only had the off white cabinets unless you went with their custom made cabinets which are obviously much more expensive. Again, this is just an option/idea. The beautiful part is that these good quality cabinets and granite actually fit into the budget. Shhhhhhawwwwing.

So, what do you think of these ?

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